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Funnearn proudly stands as one of the leading real money gaming apps, trusted and downloaded by millions of enthusiastic players. Offering an extensive range of thrilling games and opportunities to win real cash prizes, Funnearn delivers an immersive gaming experience like no other.


Firedoom, a highly acclaimed real money gaming app, has garnered a substantial and ever-growing user base thanks to its captivating offerings. Downloaded by a multitude of enthusiastic players.


Aimcomely is a leading innovator in the realm of real-money gaming. Committed to unwavering excellence and innovation, Aimcomely has solidified its presence as a significant industry player, crafting immersive and exhilarating real-money games that enthrall players.


Bigbidder represents the pinnacle of brand expansion and outreach. Its unmatched efficiency propels brand recognition, directly connecting brands with their audiences. Serving as a vital bridge to target demographics, Bigbidder fosters fruitful brand collaborations on a dynamic platform.


Elvenwear, a top medical compression garment company, specializes in crafting high-quality medical clothing for swift and comfortable recovery. Our commitment to healthcare professionals and patient safety sets us apart.


Habtoz Consultancy Private Limited has solidified its reputation as a prominent content marketing agency in India. Our primary objective is to craft top-tier content that caters to clients spanning the entire nation.

Troofal Interactive

Troofal Interactive is a dynamic force in the realm of content creation services, dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital age.

Comely Games

Comely Games is a prominent B2B game development company, specializing in creating captivating and innovative gaming experiences for a diverse range of clients.


The basis of astrology revolves around the concept that changes and events in the earthly realm are somehow influenced or indicated by the positions and movements of celestial bodies, including satellites and stars. Astrology seeks to understand and interpret these celestial influences to provide insights and predictions about personal traits, relationships, and future events.